Triannual FCCC Competition:  Prints and Slides
Our club is a Florida Council of Camera Clubs (FCCC) member and we have traditionally supported the organization by entering (and judging) the Interclub Competitions (among statewide FCCC member clubs) as well as by encouraging our members to participate in the Individual Triannual Competitions. 
Every club member is encouraged to enter Florida's interclub competition, whether you entered the first time or not.  This competition is organized by FCCC and we should take part in it.  There are two parts:  One enters as an individual.  At each of the competitions there is also a club competition.  This means that the work entered by individuals have two chances of winning -- for the individual, and for the club.
Any questions?  Please call or write to Melanie  (  or 561-367-0477).

There are three (3) Entry Categories:
1. Monochrome Prints Classes A and B 
2. Color Print Classes A and B
3. Color Slides Classes A and B

Class "A"  Advanced includes all competitors who voluntarily rate themselves as A and enter this class as well as those assigned     this class by the Awards Director.
Class "B"  Beginners includes all competitors who voluntarily rate themselves as B and enter this class.
Entry Fees shall be one dollar ($1.00) for each entry (two slides = $2).  No more than two entries may be entered in any category in a single competition.

About the Prints/Slides:
Monochrome and color prints may vary in size and shape but must be mounted on 16 X 20 matte board or foamcore.  Mattes may be any color and overmattes are acceptable.
Only 2" by 2" mounted slides are acceptable.  Mounts may be glass, metal, plastic or cardboard.  Glass over cardboard, however, WILL BE REJECTED.

Marking Your Entries:
ALL PRINTS AND SLIDES ENTERED IN A COMPETITION MUST BE MARKED LEGIBLY WITH THE MAKER'S NAME, CLUB AFFILIATION, ENTRY TITLE, AND COMPETITION CLASS.  Entrants are encouraged to limit the title to no more than four words.  Print title and/or maker's name shall NOT appear on the face of the print or mount!!

1. Prints shall have the above information on the upper left-hand corner on the back side of the mount. 
2. All slides shall have a "thumb spot" (approximately the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil) placed in the lower left-hand corner of the mount when it is viewed right-side up and right-way around.

 Click HERE for the FCCC Competition Entry Form: 



With the new emphasis on Digital Imaging, we have decided to take advantage of some of the new procedures that our club is starting to incorporate in its competitions. Since PowerPoint is being used to prepare the images for our monthly competitions,  we feel that we can make these presentations available to viewers of this site once the judging has taken place.
Hopefully, this feature will prove to be popular.

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