Many of our members have taken an active interest in image creation, rather than in the capturing of images. By the use of programs such as PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro,  a whole new dimension has been incorporated into our club.
The images below represent our first set of images.  KEEP COMING BACK !  We hope to expand this gallery very rapidly. 
For those of you who can't get enough of this new and very exciting aspect of photography, or perhaps  a better term might be "Imagery", we have included links to sites that are related to electronic imaging. 

Walter Yewchuk
"French Quarter Door"
Walter Yewchuk
Walter Yewchuk
(Click on this image for a larger version)

"Florida Gothic"
Walter Yewchuk
(You have to look closely at this one! Click on the image for a better view)


Walter Yewchuk

Check out these links to some great Electronic Imaging sites !

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