The purpose of his web page is to keep our members (and members-to-be) informed about activities of the Coral Springs Camera Club. Our club is a very active organization, and hopefully this page will have all planned activities listed on it.   

You can access information several ways as shown at the top right of the calendar below. The Agenda format shows upcoming events as a list, which some people may find preferable (this format also always gives the complete event descriptions). The other options involve looking at events from a Weekly or Monthly basis. The box that is highlighted in yellow merely indicates the present day.

  Every activity is highlighted in a deep blue. By merely clicking on that box, a detailed summary of that activity will be shown. Often access to a map is also indicated. Just click on the word "map", and a map indicating the exact location of the activity will be shown.

We hope that you are able to attend as many activities as possible.

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