Competitions: 2007

General Rules (Projected Digital and Prints)

 Each picture will be critiqued by an evaluator or judge.  Scores for each entry range from 1 to 10, all recorded and accumulated from month to month.

 A picture that receives a score of 8, 9 or 10 may not be re-entered in subsequent competitions except for the Best-of-the-Year Competition.  Those with scores of 7 or below may be re-entered in the open section at either of the next two competitions after its initial showing. 

Titles will be read in advance of the judging and the names of photographers for any scores of 8, 9, or 10 will be announced immediately after the scoring. 

All entries must have a title.  The title �Untitled� is unacceptable.  A title may not be reused except when re-entering a picture scoring 7 or below.  If two similar pictures are entered over time, they must have different titles. 

No person may enter more than one picture of the same subject in the same competition.  For example, if the assignment is �dogs,� there should be two different dogs, rather than two views of the same dog.

Projected Digital

As of January 2007, CSCC is switching from a monthly slide competition to a monthly projected digital competition.   Monthly scores will be accumulated.  Walter Yewchuk is our new Projected Digital Chairman.     

E-mail to: Walter ( no later than two weeks before each month�s Competition Night.  If you are sending well in advance of the next competition (for example, if you know you will be going away), please note which month the entries are for in the body of your message. 


Starting in January 2007, self-stick labels (to be provided at the club the previous month) must be used on the back of all prints entered into competition.  They must be completely filled out�IN ADVANCE, and be placed in the upper left on the back of each print being entered.

 A member can enter both print categories:  Color and Black & White

       Color: three in total, 2 in the open section and 1 in the assigned section Black & White: two in total, 1 in open and 1 in assigned.

 The minimum print size is 8� x 10� or 80 square inches. 

The maximum size is 16� x 20�.

 Prints must be firmly mounted or matted.  No frames will be permitted.

 Assigned Subjects for 2007

Every competition includes both open and assigned subject sections.  In addition to considering the standards for any picture, judges will be asked to evaluate how well the picture conveys the subject; the subject must dominate, occupying at least 60% of the total picture. The assignments:                                                                                                                                                              

 January  Glass (in any form)
February   CIRCLES (not triangles !) -can be 1 or more circles
 March   Water (in any form)
April      Little Thing(s)
  May   At Night (Evening or Nighttime)
  September     The Color Purple

 Tools of the Trade (any hobby or occupation)

 November Tree(s)
 December   2007 Field Trip Destinations (all entries/no Open)


Upcoming events for February and March:
Please observe how Walter has asked to receive these images, different from the instructions we were using last year:
Size and Dimensions:  Pictures must be sent as jpgs, with a maximum of 72dpi (while prints require 300dpi, pictures sent and shown electronically do NOT.  (Increasing the dpi above 72 adds nothing to the quality of the projected image but does take longer to send and receive and Walter has to re-size them.)  In your re-sizing window, the pixel settings are at the top; print sizes, in the middle must be ignored when determining how to send via email.  If your picture is in horizontal or "landscape" format, the maximum horizontal dimension must be 1024 pixels (when you set this, the number of vertical pixels will adjust itself automatically).  If your picture is in vertical or "portrait" format, the maximum vertical dimension must be 768 pixels (when you set this, the number of horizontal pixels will adjust itself automatically). 
You may, if you wish, send all four pictures (two open and two assigned subject) in the same email. Please do not send your images in "zip" format; this just makes more work.

 Please title your pictures as follows (note that this is to be the file name of your image; do not send your image with the file name assigned by your camera.

Your initials, followed by a dash; then your group (A or B category), followed by As for assigned, or Op for openS; followed by a dash, then the title of the picture (do not put spaces in the name, please). 

An example:    CAR-AAs-FarmWheels  
And another example: 

If you are not sure how to do this, please feel free to call Carol Rogus (954.917.6715) and we can review it on the phone while looking at our respective screens.


With the new emphasis on Digital Imaging, we have decided to take advantage of some of the new procedures that our club is starting to incorporate in its competitions. Since PowerPoint is being used to prepare the images for our monthly competitions,  we feel that we can make these presentations available to viewers of this site once the judging has taken place.
Hopefully, this feature will prove to be popular.


Date of Competition (just click on the date of the entries you wish to see)
Tuesday, January 2, 2007  
Tuesday, February 6, 2007  
Tuesday, March 6, 2007  


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