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This is the official Web site  of the Coral Springs Camera Club. It is located in the city of Coral Springs, which is in Broward County in southern Florida,  just slightly northwest of Fort  Lauderdale


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 Since the club newsletter, the Shutterbug, is not being sent out each month any more, we have set up a site on Picasa to display any perfect 10's that our members might have received perfect 10's in the monthly competitions.
 Just click on the following link to see these these very special works of art.



  • We now have available for viewing on this site, most of the presentations that were shown in our monthly competitions. Just click on "Competitions" in the menu bar above, and follow the instructions where it says "Something New".

  • There are hundreds of links to photography related sites all over the world. 

  • Have a look at our new  Electronic Imaging  gallery

  •  As you go through our website, you will notice that there are many different styles of presentation. Not every page has the same types of  color schemes and layouts.  Since one of the major components of the photographic endeavor is individual expression,  we feel that this spirit  of creativity should extend to this website as well. 

  • If you live in our area, we would love to have you visit us, or even join our great little organization.

  • Visit our  Galleries to see the images created by our members. Please have a look at Michael Rosenbaum's new gallery. Michael is a gifted nature photographer. Mervyn Hurwitz has recently revised his gallery. You may wish to give it a look.

    If this is your first visit to our site , we recommend that you start by going  to "Guide to Our Site" . This is a reminder to all members of the Photographic Society of America that we hope you will be able to attend the annual convention in Baltimore this September. Click on the PSA link above for more details.

    Click HERE to contact the Coral Springs Camera Club webmaster

The Coral Springs Camera Club is proud to announce that this web site was awarded second place for camera club web sites in the 2001  PSA  (Photographic Society of America) International competition and fourth place in their 2003 competition .(Click HERE to view the 2001 award) .

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