Competitions are an integral part of most photographic organizations. The Coral Springs Camera Club is no exception. Our members have the opportunity to take part in these three categories of competitions:

  1. Competitions within our club. These are held on a monthly basis (excluding the summer break).

  2. PSA (Photographic Society of America) There are many of these over the course of a year, and are held in many different countries around the world. More details on these are available in the the monthly PSA magazine.

Rules of Competition (Updated for 2014)

There are three levels of expertise - one group for beginners, one group for Advanced and one group for Masters.  You may choose your own level, except for the Masters group which is by invitation only .  There is an assignment category each month.  Sections are entered as follow:


Monochrome Prints: 

Definition: Monochrome includes black and white prints and black and white images that have been altered by the addition of one color to tone the entire print.

  • One assigned and one open

  • Print size: Smallest is 8x10; Largest outside mat dimension is 16x20

  • All prints should be matted or dry mounted and no frames

  • Correct labels are supplied by the club

  • A member can enter both Color and Monochrome prints but can enter only one open and one assigned.


Color Prints:

  • One assigned and one open.

  • Print size: Smallest 8x10; Largest outside mat dimension is 16x20

  • All prints should be matted or dry mounted and no frames

  • Correct labels are supplied by the club

  • A member can enter both Color and Monochrome prints but can enter only one open and one assigned.

  • Digital prints need to be significantly different from any digital prints that are or were submitted.

Projected Digital:
  • Beginner Group (B).........................One assigned and one open
  • Advanced Group (A)...................... One assigned and one open
  • Masters Group (M)......................... One assigned and one open


Size and Dimensions


  • Pictures must be sent as jpgs.

  • The maximum horizontal dimensions should be no more than 1024 pixels and for vertical the maximum vertical dimension should be no more than 768 pixels.  If your picture is in horizontal or "landscape" format, the maximum horizontal dimension must be 1024 pixels (when you set this, the number of vertical pixels will adjust itself automatically). If your picture is in vertical or "portrait" format, the maximum vertical dimension must be 768 pixels (when you set this, the number of horizontal pixels will adjust itself automatically). 

  • Click Here for additional directions

  • Entries to be submitted by email to Ernie Brana at  at least one week before competition date.

  • It is preferred that all pictures are sent in the same email. Please do not send your images in "zip" format; this just makes more work.

    Please title your pictures as follows (note that this is to be the file name of your image; do not send your image with the file name assigned by your camera.

  • Your initials, followed by a dash; then your group (B,A or M category), followed by As for assigned, or Op for open; followed by a dash, then the title of the picture (do not put spaces in the name, please). 

    An example:          CAR-MAs-FarmWheels.jpg                                (Masters Assigned)
    another example:  DZ-BOp-BlueMorphoButterfly.jpg                   (Beginner Opened)
    another example:  PC-AOp-FarmAnimal.jpg                                    (Advanced Opened)



  • Each picture will be critiqued by an evaluator or judge. 

  • Scores for each entry range from 1 to 10, they will be recorded and accumulated from month to month.

  • A picture that receives a score of 8, 9 or 10 may not be re-entered in subsequent competitions except for the Best-of-the-Year Competition. 

  • Those with scores of 7 or below may be re-entered in the open section at either of the next two competitions after its initial showing. 

  • Titles will be read in advance of the judging and the names of photographers for any scores of 8, 9, or 10 will be announced immediately after the scoring. 

  • All entries must have a title.  The title “Untitled” is unacceptable. 

  • A title may not be reused except when re-entering a picture scoring 7 or below.  If two similar pictures are entered over time, they must have different titles. 

  • No person may enter more than one picture of the same subject in the same competition.  For example, if the assignment is “dogs,” there should be two different dogs, rather than two views of the same dog.

 Assigned Subjects

  • Every competition includes both open and assigned subject sections.  In addition to considering the standards for any picture, judges will be asked to evaluate how well the picture conveys the subject.  The assigned subject needs to fill at least 50-60% of the frame, in general. There will be the occasional time when the assigned subject does not fill half the frame but is still obviously the focal point of the image.  The assigned subject must dominate the image.  The assigned subjects for the current year will be found in the Calendar page of this website.