About Us

Our Mission

To encourage people at all levels of photographic expertise, from beginners to experts to enjoy and share in the benefits of a photographic club.  To share any experiences and knowledge we may have to help each other gain and grow in order to achieve and promote photographic excellence.

We are a small friendly club of about 50 people interested in photography.  The experience level of our members range from beginner to expert.  Anyone interested in photography is welcome to visit or join.  Mostly we do digital but film photography is OK.  The emphasis of the club is more on composition than on how the picture was produced or technical aspects.  Most members use a DSLR and photo editing software, but any camera is OK if the image can be digitized .  We are non-profit.  No one in the club gets paid. 

 Because of the Coronavirus pandemic all meeting are now temporarily on Zoom.   We try to meet online 4 times a month.  On the first Tuesday of the month we he have a Competition, on the second Tuesday we have a Critique, on the third Tuesday we have a program meeting and on the forth Tuesday we have a mentoring meeting.  

 Most of  our  members live in Florida which has been hit very hard by the virus.  Our plan during the next 6 months is to stay on Zoom and stay safe.  Because we are on Zoom we have decide open our membership to anyone that wants to join and attend meetings via Zoom.   At the beginning of each meeting, members are broken into manageable groups.  Members that contribute photos are invited to speak about their photos.  Members that attend without submitting any photos are asked to refrain from speaking.

In addition to meetings, all members are allowed to join our Facebook group.  Anyone can view our Face book group but members can also post photos.  Advertisements are not permitted without board approval and inappropriate posts are removed.  Violators will  be prevented from posting.  Common sense applies. 

 Because it is so late into the year we are discounting the dues 50% which will cover you until the year 2021. For the remainder of the year 2020, the cost to join is now $20 for Singles and $30 for Doubles (Two People in the same household).    If you would like to join please complete the Membership Application and mail it along with your check to the address on the application.

As previous stated, all in-person meetings have been postponed.  We hope to return to our regular meetings after it is safe to do so.  In the meantime, our plan is continue with Zoom until at least the end of the year.  During this time anyone that wants to join our camera club is welcome to do so by submitting a Membership Application along with the 50% discounted dues.